What are Circular Material Hubs?

Our Circular Material Hubs are spaces for creative reuse. Creatives are able to get and bring back reclaimed materials, whilst designing with unconventional materials and shifting their perception around waste.

We offer all kinds of materials, from paper, wood and textile, to glass, metal and paint. The best part? All our materials are free from the socio-environmental impacts of extraction and supply. 

Our Digital  Material Hub

All creatives, makers and designers in London will be soon able to access our Digital Material Hub. High quality reclaimed materials from the industry, ready to be purchased and reused for creative purposes.

In September 2023, Renée materials will be launching its digital material hub. Connecting London's designers and makers to companies' high quality unneeded resources, our Digital Hub will bring circularity in the city's creative community. 

Hubs in Creative Spaces

We help creative spaces and institutions turn their forgotten materials into valuable resources by setting up in-house Circular Material Hubs. These Hubs become central spaces where all unused resources are collected, curated and offered as materials to their own creative communities.

Workshops, departments, studios and loading bays in creative institutions and locations accumulate large amounts of leftovers, scraps and unused materials. Because of storage space or time constraints these materials usually end up in the skip.

We optimise waste management by studying closely the organisations’ formal and informal systems, behaviours and waste-streams and set up Hubs that adapt to the users’ and institutions’ needs.

Through our partner network we bring in high-quality materials from the industry to allow an extended use of reclaimed materials while fostering circularity and creative reuse.

Renée's Pop-up Hubs

We partner with craftsmarkets, open studios, or other events to bring our reclaimed materials all around the city.

Creatives and makers can purchase high-quality materials at a low price.

These events allow direct material exchange. Creatives can drop off their offcuts and pick up materials and supplies for creative purposes.

Are you a company
with unused or leftover materials?

Join us in our fight against wasted resources! Donate your offcuts, unneeded materials, damaged goods or leftovers to our creative network.

Does your institution/ organisation want its own Circular Material Hub?

Reach out to us! We'll help you build the perfect hub for your creative audience and help you cut off waste and wasted resources.

Our Material Categories

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