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March 15, 2024
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February 9, 2024

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Reign Charbit
Plywood, fiberboard, steel, newspaper
‘Alba’ is a floor lamp made entirely from reclaimed materials.

Designed in part to both repurpose and elevate a collection of found objects that had been otherwise deemed as ‘waste’, the lamp exists within a more meaningful narrative of ‘readymades’; recontextualising ordinary prefabricated and often mass-produced objects into pieces of art or design - exemplified by the works of Marcel Duchamp, Achille Castiglione, and Michael Marriott.

The lamp’s salient feature - a curved & cutout piece of plywood - was found in the trash, having been discarded after CNC milling.

The materials used included plywood and fiberboard for the base, bent perforated steel for the shade with a piece of newspaper as a diffuser.

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