Reclaimed oil paintings
March 15, 2024
Our minds are like the sea
March 15, 2024

Material Transformations

After broken follows more

Oxana Nicolov
Lace leftovers, various sized offcuts
This realisation is a wake-up call! This entire collection is made out of reclaimed textiles.

In a fast-paced society where throwing away clothes has become the norm, the method of reuse entails the potential to fundamentally change the fashion industry. 

When examining garments of fast fashion brands, it was found that garments are already broken before they are sold or purchased by consumers who will most likely only wear them a few times before the garments end up in landfills.

Each piece is handmade with a special smocking technique using only scraps from Renée Materials.

This work wants to encourage other designers that art can be made out of already existing materials rather than having to extract more precious resources for new supplies.

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